Our Technology

Lightweight materials---3D Printing

As heavy as the physical lamp. Focus on Ergonomics. Very short manufacturing period. Suitable for urgent engineering changes. Patent have been granted by CNIPA.

  • Front End:Shared use Headlights3D Printing
  • Headlights:3D Printing Front EndShared use

Lightweight materials---Carbon fiber

As heavy as the physical door. Jointly Developed with SAIC VW. Technology Prize in 2018 from SAIC VW Group.Volkswagen Asia Pacific 2018 Technical Achievements Exhibition (Beijing).SAIC 2019 “Tech Show”.

  • Back Door:Carbon Fiber Back DoorCarbon Fiber
  • Rear light:Carbon FiberRear lightCarbon Fiber

Lightweight materials---Carbon fiber

Focus on ergonomic. Optimal Replacing for OCF in BIW. With high strength and high hardness. Protecting for crash damage.

  • Engine cover:Carbon FiberEngine cover Carbon Fiber
  • Doors:Carbon FiberDoorsCarbon Fiber

Multi-model shared structure---Front and rear can be replaced

Replaceable structure with pulling type in the front and rear floor. Suitable both for new energy and traditional energy vehicle.

  • Front floor:Shared useFront floorShared use
  • Rear floor:Shared useRear floorShared use

Visual review

Smaller base plate and same height as the rear car.

Complete feature lines and A surface.

Wheel height can be adjusted.

  • bottom plate:smallerbottom platesmaller
  • Four-wheel height:AdjustableFour-wheel heightAdjustable

Multi-model shared structure---Front end and rear end can be replaced

Suitable for similar front.Suitable for different vehicles both for sedan and SUV.

  • Back End:Shared useBack EndShared use
  • Skylight:Shared useSkylightShared use